This single-person company, all started with a dream, a laptop and a suitcase full of vintage pieces. Striving to fit in with the ladies in her fashion program, Dinn was introduced to vintage and sample pieces that happen to be affordable for a college income. This was her ticket in with the elite, but the making of Vyn Heritij.

Fast track, one-year post-graduation, and after a season-long binge of collecting sample and vintage pieces. With a spontaneous Eat, Love, Pray trip to Jamaica, she discovered her true calling, sharing her curated pieces with the world. After a year of selling curated pieces through local classified sites, she has created a community of followers. Today, we carry our own line of beautiful feminine and masculine clothes in collaboration with a collection of one-off samples and vintage pieces.

1Vyn Heritij = Vintage Heritage
1Vintage/ˈvin(t)ij/ classic clothing that imitates the style of a previous era.

1Heritage/ˈher(i)tij/ a special piece of garment intended for a special person.

Fashion is all about expression and curating pieces to make your own individual style and personal statement. At Vyn Heritij, we believe in just that: expressing your style without gender limitations, and with many opportunities to measure to fit customizations...Because everyone deserves to be fearlessly authentic.